Crochet Pom Pom Scarf by Loops and Threads (donate for Relay for Life)

Ruffle scarf


65 in  long and 4 in wide (slightly stretched)


Loops & Threads Flamenco (24 yds/22 m) – Chalet – 1 ball


Flamenco yarn is designed with pom-poms on one edge of a row of mesh fiber.  While spreading the yarn out, look at the edge which does not have pom-poms and you will see an edge with loops.  You will be working with this loop edge and leaving the pom-pom edge free to from a ruffle.

Place crochet hook in middle of the first loop section and in the next 6 loops as well.  After the seventh loop is on the hook, bring it through each previous loop on hook one at a time.

Again, pick up 6 more loops onto the hook and bring the seventh loop one at a time through the rest.  Continue repeating this pattern until you have a 65 in length scarf or slightly longer.


Upon completion bring the last loop through and tack in place with a needle and matching sewing thread.  This will hold in place.  You may trim raw edges on ends if needed.